The Person Behind the Blog …

My name is Amanda. Ordinary name. Ordinary person. Which is partially why I started this site. To be something more than ordinary. To expand beyond my usual routine and do something that stands out. Yes, I am very well aware that having a blog is not out of the ordinary these days, but I would like to utilize this platform to, I guess, add an out-of-the-ordinary dimension to my life.

As an English major, having graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, C.T., I have always prided myself on my writing and my critical thinking abilities. I further honed those skills through those four years, but what I was lacking was the interest to maintain my reading and writing outside of the classroom. Having to write multiple papers for multiple classes while balancing having to read multiple novels, short stories, poems, etc., simply made me not want to do any more than I already had to for class. Thus, I never read or wrote for pleasure.

Nor even entertained the idea of maintaining a blog.

That’s what this is for me. I am finally in control of my personal life and free time, and because I honestly do love to read and write (I do love TV though, as well…I am only human…), I decided it was time to prove that. This blog serves as my own personal portal to discuss literature and travel mainly, but hey, it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it. If I feel like posting something about the amazing pancakes I made this morning (picture and all), I totally will.

Most importantly, this is for me. I would be so proud to have people read my posts and comment on my ideas, but if that doesn’t happen, no sweat. This is for me. This is for me to express my thoughts and ideas in whatever manner I choose, and if the only discussion I have is with myself, then that is all I need. Besides, ideas generally come to me as I’m writing, so half the time I do end up having a discussion with myself (no, I’m not crazy…usually…).

Point is, I don’t expect people to share all of my opinions or ideas. I would love it if people actually read what I wrote and expressed interest, but there are times when it just feels so good to get my ideas out on a page. In print. And if I’m the only one who looks at them, that’s okay with me. And I think everyone out there who writes just to write and get ideas out – I feel like that is one of the truest forms of expression. It is so raw and real, and I feel as though something real is becoming more and more difficult to find these days. I need a forum in which I can unabashedly express myself, with no one reading and grading and judging, and no one telling me what I have to write about.

I’m not a fan of the terms “blog” or “blogger,” but I am totally a fan of the platform.

So, I guess what I’m going for here, the “theme,” if you will, of my site is just writing about what interests me. And travel and literature have been major aspects of my life and have become things that I am passionate about. Honestly, if I had to choose one over the other, though, it would be travel. There is absolutely nothing I love more than the excitement of jetting off to a new (or previously visited) destination. I have strong opinions about travelers versus tourists, but, we can get into that later.

But, definitely expect lots of travel and literature posts. And a few surprises thrown in there, as well. I’m sure I’ll even be surprising myself.

I guess a little about me should come next?

Growing up in Connecticut, I could never wait to get out. But I’m still here. And it’s not all that horrible. I am an editorial assistant at a publishing company and am a staunch proponent of proper grammar, though, of course, I take some personal liberties in these posts. My dream job one day, hopefully one day soon, is to work in New York at Conde Nast Traveler. Combining my two true loves, New York and travel.

I spent a lot of time in New York growing up, and a little less as I got older, seeing as school and work have taken up a lot of time. But New York is a huge, huge part of my life.

My dad is from Brooklyn and my grandmother still lives there, so I have very sentimental roots in Brooklyn, specifically. Yes, there’s the traffic and horrible drivers, but they’re my people.

I feel more at home there than I do in my own home town.

So, that’s basically the dream. That’s what I’m working toward. I’ve come this far, and I expect to achieve that grand slam one day. And I know that this site will give me the chance to continue working on my writing and exercise my mind.

You’ll learn more about me as I post more, but those are the basics, basically. I very much look forward to sharing my ideas with, hopefully, some kind individuals who choose to stop by. And I can’t wait to see what some of my fellow “bloggers” are posting, as well.

Life’s a trip, so might as well take advantage of every moment.